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Our Research Partners provides you with all types of research reports from Top Analyst and Share Market Experts. Our Research Partners basically define and provide our customers as per their demands. No other segment provides you with only what you need.


Our Research Partners provides Stock Reports in following categories.


  • Intraday/BTST Tips
  • Delivery/Long term/short term Tips
  • Futures
  • Options.
  • Nifty,BSE,NSE Stock Tips
  • All Equity Tips



Our Research Partners focus exclusively in segments of the market where they can provide strategic, multi-process, end-to-end business solutions and where they can leverage our firm's core competencies to help clients build customer and shareholder value. Their approach is to provide integrated business solutions that benefit the entire organization and their goal is to deliver significant business value to clientele.


Share Market Investment Golden Rules

The first thing you need to know about stock market investing is that it is easy to do and that anyone can do it. The second thing to know is that there is no 'perfect' way to invest in the stock market. And there is no 'perfect' stock or investment product for you to choose.

  • Don't buy unlisted shares
  • Don't buy inactive shares
  • Don't buy shares in closely held companies
  • Keep Educating yourself
  • Rebalance your portfolio
  • Buy When Others Sell and Sell When Others Buy
  • Value Stock Based On Future Growth, Not Past Growth
  • Give Investments Time
  • Automate Trading
  • Select a company with high sales and a long term growth rate
  • Compare profit of company with Net worth before buying shares
  • Consider Price to Earning ratio and dividend yield
  • Cheap stocks can be expensive and high price stocks have better value
  • Invest in IPO carefully
  • Set loss limits and stick to them
  • Don't under or over diversify